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In house IT infrastructure Management can use up substantial resources of your organization leaving you no choice but to spend considerable amount of time on resolving IT issues. Cloud Moil’s managed services not only reduce the recurring costs that are otherwise spent on hefty maintenance issues, but also reduces the complexity of your IT infrastructure by providing you a single source for you to manage all your IT struggles.

Some of our Managed services include:

  • Hosting and Remote Monitoring

Cloud Moil can take all your stress regarding managing and maintaining both hardware and software. We can provide platform for all your applications including database applications, web development and content management applications. You can be rest assured with our managed hosting services that all your mission critical applications will be monitored 24/7 with ongoing application maintenance to ensure business continuity and efficient service reliability0, scalability, availability and delivery.

  • Build Run Approach

The Build Run approach involves the client to work with us in a symbiotic relationship  throughout the transformation journey and even after to gather long-term, end-to-end insight with regards to costs value and business outcomes.

  • Data Base and Network Support

Cloud Moil offers seamless execution of your DB migration. Our experience and resources combined with a structured approach enhances your success in migrating your landscape, while our industry leading expertise and end-to-end network monitoring and management will give you more freedom to work on your core business principles. We help you deliver optimum performance through broad portfolio of managed Database and network Support.

  • Reports and Analytics

Make better long-term decisions through active insights and analytical reports. Custom reports and personalized dashboards will help you improve resource deployment and align them with your objectives. Additional insights can be aggregated and further refined in the form of visual, chart based tables and reports. Cloud Moil’s Reporting and Analytics can enhance your assurance in the foundation of key business decisions.